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Client: Private Equity-backed Specialist Logistics Company

Situation Background:

Our client was seeking to acquire new customer accounts worth £20m/year by targeting businesses with critical service need for priority end-to-end air freight and last-mile shipments from the Benelux to the UK. To achieve this growth ambition, our client needed a more structured and targeted approach to new key account prospecting.

The challenge, of course, was how to identify and qualify these overseas-domiciled companies serving customers in the UK from either regional offices or hubs located across the Benelux or mainland Europe.

Discovery & Analysis:

We worked alongside other external consultants to develop a workflow and prospect qualification methodology, which was agreed with the client. The methodology relied on a mix of scoring-based evaluation and business judgment, defined by rules on time criticality, proximity to coverage area, and size of UK market presence.

We generated a long list of companies, mostly from publicly available data sources, by setting key selection criteria. Using the long list as our guide, we undertook detailed desk research and interviews to further qualify, prune and evaluate the prospects based on our methodology.

With the requirements and qualification methodology agreed with the client, we undertook the desk research and interviews with potential customers to assess alignment with our client’s distinctive service competence and regional coverage.

Outcome & Impact:

At the end of the process, we delivered a shortlist of qualified prospect data to feed the CRM system, allowing the sales and marketing team to further refine and manage the lead conversion and campaign cycle.

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