At Intuitrics, we recognise that sophisticated analytical decision models cannot substitute for good strategic judgment when faced with complex decision-making problems. That’s why we leverage our distinctive expertise and breadth of experience across market verticals to create a synergy of shared ideas and creative intellectual capital to help you achieve your business growth ambitions. That’s what we do; it’s our raison d’être.

Marketing Intelligence

Improve your commercial and marketing effectiveness by cutting free of the familiar noises and conjectures with our coherent, concise and practical market insights.

Strategic Advisory

Make your big-bet decisions or cautiously hold back based on informed choices from a range of well-considered and thoroughly analysed strategic options.

Business Modelling

We deploy decision models to help you overcome implicit or explicit biases that becloud your judgment, especially when faced with ill-defined and complex decision situations.

Commercial Analytics

Gain greater insights and discover new sources of competitive value by leveraging our machine-learning, data mining and predictive analytics capabilities to unearth hidden treasures in your data assets

Pricing Optimisation

Increase your return on sales by leveraging our pricing intelligence and analytical capabilities to help you identify and pull the right pricing levers to your profit advantage.

Interim Management

We provide our clients with interim management expertise on short-to-medium term assignments to strengthen their performance and execution capabilities.

We work with a growing and diverse client base from technology start-ups and mid-to-large corporates to venture capital and private equity-backed portfolio companies in the UK, Europe and emerging markets of Africa.

With offices in London, we have delivered bespoke assignments with impactful results for clients across most industry sectors, including:

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